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Ty handing out bibles. The actual video of how he influenced me.

          How Shepherd's PIE Began

The initial roots of Shepherd's PIE “People Influencing Eternity” were founded when our son Ty made some pretty bold moves for the Lord. It was in May of 2015 when he asked his Mom, “How many dollars will I be getting for my report card this school year?” Traditionally, at the end of the school year we count the amount of A’s on our kids' report cards and reward them with $1 for each).


My wife, Megan, replied “Oh, $20 or 25." Ty responded, “Well how much is a bible?” Megan said, “You can get a good bible for $10 or $12 dollars." It got real quiet and Megan turned to look at Ty. To her surprise, his head was faced downward and a sad look was on his face.


Megan said, “Ty! What’s wrong? You will have enough money for a bible." Ty responded with, “Not for my whole class!" 


When Megan shared this with me, it was like a dagger to the chest that wouldn’t release. We would go on to tell him that he could use his money and we would take care of the rest.

When there is a will there is a way! Ty’s grandfather is a Gideon, and with a lot of support, we obtained permission for his grandfather to visit Ty’s school to hand out bibles to his class. Ty gave all of his money to the Gideon organization that year and also birthed a passion in us that will never be forgotten.


You see, as they were handing out bibles, Ty also shared scripture from John Ch.4. He told his class the story of the woman at the well. He explained that if you drink of that water you will always be thirsty, but if you drink of living water you will never be thirsty again. At 6 years old, my son taught me a thing or two and God began to work on me through scripture. Some of the questions that came to mind were: What are you doing with the life I gave you? Why are you only giving in tithes and offering and not in time? What does ALL really mean in Matt. 22:37 - "Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and with all your mind.”

When the question is asked, "What did you do with the life I gave you?" - I want to be able to answer, “I loved you because you first loved me." He loved us so much that Jesus gave his life so that we may live eternally with Him if we believe. You see, throughout the bible, Jesus modeled what he wanted us to be: servants. Not out of slavery or bondage, but out of joy! I want to hear from Him, “Well done, my good and faithful servant."

The word all means all - plain and simple. God hasn’t given the direction to love with some of your heart; he wants every bit of you to be used for His Glory. God has given me a desire to serve, and has recently (through scripture and teachings) given me a heart for those in need. Modeling the Master should be our desire. For some time prior to Shepherd’s PIE, we sheltered our children from worldly tragedies and circumstances. I’ve since had a change of heart. I’ve realized that they need to see what poverty really is, what trauma is, and how to overcome these things. If I desire for my children to be obedient and extraordinary for Jesus, then I need to model that. It’s not enough for me to model it within my home, but I need to do this outside of the walls of my house. I shouldn’t want to just serve through finances, but also through sweat and tears.


This foundation is an avenue for service. Its design is for any and all who are interested and willing to come and serve. Please don’t wait for an invitation - contact us or come help with anything we are doing. I’m certain that there is a way for you to serve.

All Glory to Him,

Brad & Megan McGaha

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